Museum & Auditorium



There is a museum in the office Annex building at East nada. Many rare offerings by devotees to the Lord are exhibited here. The museum is kept open from 8.00 am to 8.00pm on all days except Tuesdays and other holydays.



Melpathur Auditorium

The spacious auditorium on the right side of the East Gopuram commemorates the great saint poet Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri, who worshipped Lord Guruvayoorappan by composing superb devotional classic Narayaneeyam and miraculously recovered from an accute affliction of paralysis. Devotional functions such as spiritual discourse, perfomance of traditional forms,classical music and symposia on cultural and spiritual topics are held here. The auditorium has a spacious stage with attached green room. This hall accommodates more than 2000 people. the auditorium is given on rental for functions that are offered to LORD. In connection with the Ashtami Rohini(August – September), the birthday of Lord Krishna, the Sapthaham is conducted in such a way that the chapter of Krishna’s birth(Avatharam) is recited on the Ashtami Rohini day. The spiritual discourses are held during Vaisakha month(April – May), Ramayana Masa(July – August)and Mandala Pooja(November – December)i the Melpathur Auditorium.





1 Dance programme 1.5 hrs 500
2 Kathakali 10 pm to 6 am

6 pm to 6 am



3 Sangeethakacheri 6am to 12noon (for each 3 hrs)

4:30pm to 10:30pm (for each 1.5 hrs)



4 Namajapam/Bhajana/Paaraayanam 6am to 12noon 1000

Guruvayur satyagraha smaraka mandiram (Poonthanam auditorium

+91 487 2556537
Guruvayoor Devaswom has established a fully centralized A/C hall named “Poonthanam Auditorium” with all modern facilities which will be given on rental for marriage/cultural programmes. the hall deidcated for the memory of great poet Poonthanam autor of jnanappana and Guruvayoor satyagraha.
Sl.No Rooms Rate
1 2 Bed Non A/C Room 500.00
2 2 Bed A/C Room 800.00

Poonthanam Auditorium

Sl.No Auditorium Time Rate
1 Poonthanam Auditorium (A/c) Full Day 80,000.00
2 Poonthanam Auditorium (A/c) (For cultural programmes) 9am To 5pm 40,000.00
3 Poonthanam Auditorium (A/c) (For cultural programmes) 5pm To 9pm 25,000.00


Dining Hall



1 Ambadi Hall (5pm To Next Day 3pm) 15,000.00
2 Narayaneeyam Hall (5pm To Next Day 3pm) 18,000.00
3 Kitchen 7000.00

Sreevalsam Annex Conference Hall

+91 487 2556535




1 AC CONFERENCE HALL 8000 + (tax)

Kshethram Aadyaatmika Hall

Sl.No Programme Time Rate
1 Sapthaham 7 days- 6pm to 10pm 1250.00
2 Akhandanamam 1 day- 5am to 5pm 250.00