Rudratheertham – This is the tank behind the oottupura where the Lord has His annual Arattu. Siva is said to have washed and worshipped the deity when the idol was brought by Guru and Vayu for installation to Guruvayur.

Kovilakam – Towards the south from the Kizhakke Gopuram is Kovilakam, the place where Prince Manavedan had been residing during the days of composition of Krishna Geethi . This has been demolished and Sreevalsam rest house have come-up.

Athani – On the northern bank of the Rudratheertham is an Athani (porters’ rest), in memory of a Kantiyur Pattar, a trusted servant of the temple who got murdered on an Utsava day. As a mark of respect, Lord’s Arattu procession stops here for a minute.

Tantrimadam – On the north-east bank of Rudratheertham in the Inner-ring road is the tantrimadam or the official residence of the Tantri.

Kizhakke Nada – There were many residences on the right side of the street.The Pazhaya othikkans madam, the residence of the Thiyyarambalam priests, Mallisseri Malika and Chondath Malika on the Kizhakee nada are no more now. Till the temple entry of 1947, Thiyyas and other avarnas (lower cast people) were permitted to approach only up to Thiyyarambalam. About a furlong and a half from the Thiyyarambalam is Manjulal (the banyan tree). This is the starting point of the elephant race which precedes Kodiyettam (hosting of the flag) for the Annual Utsavam.